TABIET is among the few classic restaurants with garden in Sofia. For the years of its existence and thanks to its development the restaurant uphold its position as one of the favorite places of all residents and guests of the capital. TABIET has two halls indoor. The first one is in old Italian style “Rustic” with 80 seats. The soft lightening and fireplace here offer a cozy family atmosphere. The other hall is in contemporary style with 75 seats, where you find a mixture between Modernism and Mediterranean elements with little “Art Deco” in the design.

TABIET has also winter and summer garden. The summer garden is wonderful during this season and with the capacity of 80 seats will offer you tranquility in the greenery and freshness with its 35-40 old pines.

If you are searching for the perfect spot to enjoy excellent cuisine in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere on top location close to the city centre of Sofia, TABIET is the right place to visit. You will find plenty of options in the menu that will amaze you with the variety of tastes from all over the world, all of them prepared with creativity and imagination following the original interpretation by Chef Methodi Ivanov. As the majority of the staff he works here since the official opening which dates back 12 years ago. Today the name TABIET stands for quality, class and style.

TABIET is a classic restaurant among the few places in Sofia which remained without changing its original idea and traditions and guarantees for its perfect services. The staff is extremely professional and knows everything about the rules of etiquette and protocol. Almost everybody who works here has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant’s service. The restaurant is often a favorite place for many business lunches and dinners. It’s also preferred location for foreign delegations and ministries for their exclusive meetings. Every guest here should expect to experience the combination of high standard for service and comfort at reasonable prices. Therefore TABIET welcomes its regular customers for 12 years with attention to every single detail. The key to the success of the restaurant is in a few simple rules: great service, excellent cuisine and perfect atmosphere, which became also its trademark.

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  • Табиет допълва своя продукт именно с кетъринг услуги, организирани мероприятия и празненства по различни поводи.

    В ресторант ”ТАБИЕТ” мотото е:

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